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Talking Points: US Tour review

The Manchester City players are back in England after their two-week tour of the US that saw them take in friendly matches against Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham. Club journalist Rob Pollard has looked back over the fortnight and highlighted five talking points.

Steady improvement

There can be few doubts City’s performance level improved significantly as the tour of the US progressed.

They began with a somewhat laboured display against United, a game which highlighted City’s lack of match sharpness. United had already played two pre-season games in the US before the first Manchester derby on foreign soil and their superior fitness told.

But City were far better six days later against Real Madrid in LA. After some intensive training sessions under the watchful eye of Pep Guardiola, they defeated the La Liga giants 4-1 in front of more than 90,000 people. All four goals were scored in 30 second-half minutes, a period in which City completely took Madrid apart.

But they saved their best display for last. The 3-0 win over Tottenham in Nashville saw City produce 90 minutes of high-tempo, quick-passing football that overwhelmed their Premier League rivals.

They scored three fine goals – it could have been far more but for some excellent goalkeeping from Hugo Lloris and Michel Vorm – and were in total control throughout.

They moved the ball quickly and with purpose, and looked to have pace and guile in the right areas.

It’s only pre-season and the real stuff begins in less than two weeks’ time when City travel to Brighton – but this was a very encouraging performance.

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Tactical flexibility

City played three at the back against Real Madrid and Tottenham, a tactical shift that worked superbly.

It gave City an additional body in midfield and in both matches they dominated possession and controlled the tempo.

Guardiola said after the Spurs game that he won’t use the same system each week, preferring instead to tailor his selections depending on the opposition.

City look to have used their time in the US well, with a new formation, only tried fleetingly last season, now very much an option when the season kicks off on August 12.

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Fast Walker

It can’t have been easy for Kyle Walker to have integrated himself into the City squad during a pre-season tour, but he certainly looks to have settled quickly.

And the pace and energy he added to City’s right-hand side bodes well for the new season.

Against Tottenham he delivered a fine display full of energy and attacking intent, with his former teammates struggling to contain his surging runs.

With fellow new signing Danilo bringing similar qualities to the left, they look set to bring a new dynamic to City’s play.

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Youngsters impress

Phil Foden was the star of the show against Manchester United, and Brahim Diaz scored two goals in City’s last two games.

Aro Muric and Daniel Grimshaw both saw playing time and didn’t look overawed, nor did Demeaco Duhaney who looked solid against Spurs. 

The tour not only improved fitness levels and offered an opportunity to try out new formations, it also game some of City’s most talented youngsters a chance to shine, and all of them took their opportunity confidently. 

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Huge success

Overall, the tour was a huge success. City played three competitive matches in wonderful stadiums, with fans in America given a rare opportunity to see the Blues players in the flesh. The team now look prepared for the new season and a number of the summer signings have shown they can adapt quickly to Guardiola’s demands.

It’s been a fruitful two weeks Stateside. 





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凭借奥塔门迪、斯特林、斯通斯和小将迪亚兹的进球,我城在第二场季前赛中4-1完胜皇马。 首发阵容方面,新援达尼洛、埃德森和沃克进入首发名单,门迪因有轻伤在身,本场并未获得首秀机会。 本场比赛,主帅瓜迪奥拉排出了一个类似于3-5-2的首发阵型。孔帕尼、奥塔门迪和斯通斯组成三中卫,两位新援沃克和达尼洛分别镇守两条边路。值得一提的是,在与曼联热身赛中上演惊艳表现的小将福登再次得到瓜帅肯定,进入到了本场比赛的首发名单。而在前锋线上,瓜帅采用了更具攻击力的双前锋组合,阿坤与热苏斯双剑齐发。 比赛第6分钟,皇马球员伊斯科在我城大禁区边缘内切后起脚打门,门将埃德森做出精彩扑救。 1分钟之后,我城迎来机会。热苏斯在中路连过皇马几名防守球员后带球来到左边,随后找准机会小角度打门,皮球击中边网。这也是我城全场比赛的第一脚打门。 比赛第14分钟,皇马在禁区外中路的防守出现真空地带。德布劳内一路带球至禁区边缘附近后起脚远射,可惜皮球偏出球门。 比赛第22分钟,我城前场双箭头打出精彩配合。阿坤中路拿球后直塞给前插的热苏斯,后者不停球直接打门。皇马门将纳瓦斯用双腿将球挡出。 马上,打出状态的我城卷土重来,阿坤在右路接球后完成重炮攻门,皮球再次被纳瓦斯飞身扑出。之后,双方互有攻防,直至半场战罢。 易边再战后,我城作出3处人员调整。曼加拉出场换下孔帕尼,亚亚图雷接过队长袖标。斯特林替换下阿圭罗,纳斯里出场换下了小将福登。 比赛第52分钟,我城利用一次角球机会率先洞穿皇马的球门!德布劳内开出角球,斯通斯高高跃起头锤攻门,皇马门将卡西利亚扑球脱手,门前的奥塔门迪机警补射破门!我城1-0皇马! 仅仅5分钟之后,我城便扩大了比分优势!斯特林接德布劳内的精妙传球后高速突进对方禁区,面对对方门将果断低射破网,2-0! 比赛第65分钟,我城再次利用角球机会开壶!德布劳内先是利用一次精彩的任意球攻门制造了一次角球,随后在角球进攻中,球玎又再次助攻门前的斯通斯打远角破门!3-0,我城锁定胜局! 在打入第三粒进球后,瓜帅再次作出了人员调整。状态爆棚的球玎下场休息,同时被替换下场的还有热苏斯和沃克。三名年轻小将津琴科、迪亚兹和杜哈尼替补出场。 随后,罗伯茨、阿达拉比奥约、萨内和门将格林姆肖也相继替换出场。而仅仅2分钟之后,新替换出场的两名小将就联袂奉献了一次精彩的进球表演! 表演欲极强的迪亚兹与罗伯茨在前场完成撞墙配合,随后他带球来到大禁区边缘,面对多名对方球员的防守,迪亚兹果断起脚远射,皮球应声入网!4-0! 比赛最后一分钟,皇马小将奥斯卡面对我城的年轻门将格林姆肖吊射破门,将最终的比分锁定在了4-1。